Project management

Naviga Wind Power delivers comprehensive support to organizations in achieving their targets with enhanced project management maturity while reinforcing values and strategy. Naviga Wind Power offers a variety of project management and engineering support services to customers.

Naviga Wind Power has an outstanding track record in the area of project management and engineering and aim to guarantee that the customer’s interests and business objectives are met in the most feasible and cost effective manner. Naviga Wind Power understands the importance of managing all the component parts of a complex projects equally. We manage the whole by managing the pieces.

Project management

Project Services:

  • Project management for technology transfer and implementation.
  • Program and multi-project management.
  • Project assessment, realignment and turnaround.
  • Decision proposals and executive summaries.
  • Implementation and utilization of methods (Development Handbooks, FMEA, MS Project, etc.) for small medium and large scale projects.
  • Risk management.
  • Project office and planning.
  • Support of quality improvement measures and product introduction.
  • International setup of cooperations  and team building.
  • Management and setup of development teams.