Advanced Leading Edge Protection

Leading edge erosion in wind turbine blades with their evolution in size became one of the most complex wind energy as a whole industry problems which leads to increased maintenance cost, leading edge repairs during the planned wind turbine maintenance and not planned events. Leading edge erosion is one of the design limiting factors as problem of erosion expands with the increase of roto blades length.


NAVIGA Wind Power constantly improves offered leading edge erosion protection solutions in line with specific market demands. Solutions must be carefully selected to prevent the problem, secure stable and profitable operations and lower cost of maintenance. 

Leading edge erosion protection solutions:

- Thermoplastic tapes for any type of wind turbines in production and service

- Thermoplastic tapes aerodynamically enhanced for improved turbines annual energy production

- Metal cap for wind turbine blades leading edge protection for offshore, high blade tip speeds and large rainfall locations


Advanced Leading Edge Protection